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My Bio

My first poetic utterance occurred when I was just old enough to weave a few words together, according to my mother. We were walking along the shore of Lake Ontario on a humid summer's day when I apparently blurted out, "It's as hot as a seagull!" My mother said it was so odd that she has never forgotten it.

I was born in Pembroke, Ontario, but grew up in the Niagara Region, wine country, where my father ran a moving company. I was the sixth of seven children. Our house was always active, although we had only ten books in the house, one of which was one of those huge, gaudy Bibles that was sure to impress all visitors.

I have seen children create poetry that is masterful for their age, and some that go well beyond their years - profound works filled with wisdom and great hope. I can hardly go through the halls of any school without getting all choked up at the artwork displayed there, or the words of innocent wisdom displayed. School hallways are my Louvre.

I frequent a few choice websites and relish the opportunity the Internet gives me as I read and share poetry on-line.

My Hobbies

I wrote lyrics first, as I became keenly interested in creating my own music at the age of ten. I still remember the words, as the song was very simple. My interest in poetry didn't ignite until I was a teenager and began reading more. I remember reading Shakespeare's sonnets straight through, and marveling at the fact that I felt I had learned something in the process. From Shakespeare I discovered Keats by accident in the library. I adore his poetry, his letters, and admire his courageous spirit in the face of adversity.

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